1. Overview

1.1. Purpose

The goal of soscleaner’s documentation is to provide not only insight into how the code works, but also the logic behind what is obfuscated and why.

1.3. Obfuscated data types

1.3.1. Hostnames and Domainnames

Soscleaner obfuscates all domains specified by the -d option when executed, as well as the domain name of the given host in an sosreport. Subdomains for these are automatically obfuscated as unique objects.

1.3.2. IPv4 addresses

IPv4 addresses are obfuscated, with each network being assigned a unique obfuscated counterpart with the same subnet mask. More information can be found at Network Obfuscation

1.3.3. User-specified keywords

Users can specify a list of keywords at runtime to find and obfuscate.

1.3.4. System Usernames

Users can be supplied in a line-delimited file. The contents of the last file in an sosreport is also incorporated into this obfuscation.

1.3.5. MAC addresses

MAC addresses are randomized consistently throughout an entire sosreport or any dataset.