5. Keyword obfuscation

SOSCleaner can take any arbitrary list of keywords and effectively obfuscate them in a sosreport or in a dataset. This can be extremely useful if you have particular key values, parameters from your IDP (Identity Provider). These are only matched against whole words.

5.1. Filing keyword bugs

Please open keyword obfuscation bugs using the keyword obfuscation bug template. This will ensure the proper labels are applied and we can move forward quickly with your issue.

5.2. How soscleaner handles keywords

The obfuscation engine for keywords is straightforward. Using the -k option on the command line supplies a line-delimited file of keywords. These keywords are then matched against whole words in every line of every file in an sosreport or dataset.

5.3. Keyword report

At the conclusion of a soscleaner run, the supplied keyword mappings are recorded in self.report_dir/<SESSION_ID>-kw.csv. If an SOSCleaner session fails to complete, this report isn’t created.