4. MAC Address obfuscation

4.1. MAC address overview

MAC addresses are found in a line using the re.compile(ur'(?:[0-9a-fA-F]:?){12}') Python regular expression. For each match, a random valid MAC address is generated and saved in self.mac_db using the {'mac_address': 'obfuscated_mac_address', ...} format.

..admonition:: False Positives

This is a new feature for the 0.4.0 release of soscleaner. Please report any issues you find regarding false-positives!

4.2. Filing MAC bugs

Please open MAC obfuscation bugs using the MAC obfuscation bug template. This will ensure the proper labels are applied and we can move forward quickly with your issue.

4.3. MAC address report

At the conclusion of a soscleaner run, the supplied MAC address mappings are recorded in self.report_dir/<SESSION_ID>-mac.csv. If an SOSCleaner session fails to complete, this report isn’t created.